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The Perfect Farewell

We have seen that at each step of Luxury selling, there is only one objective. The steps to achieving this are:

  • 1. Preparation—To be ready
  • 2. Welcoming—To deserve the customer’s attention
  • 3. Discovering—To know what to present to the customer
  • 4. Presentation—To discover the customer’s desires
  • 5. Convincing—To reduce all possible fears
  • 6. Closing—To get a buying decision or a genuine future consideration
  • 7. Loyalty—To ensure customers return, soon or later
  • - When a customer has purchased

A purchase decision is a victory-not for the sales advisor but for the client! Customers experience immense pleasure during a visit and will enjoy the satisfaction brought about by acquiring the product for a long time to come. It’s also an achievement: the customer had a need, a strong desire, and this was fulfilled perfectly.

The purchase decision is a success and should be congratulated, celebrated and rewarded.

- Congratulate sincerely

Martial: “Mr. Wang, I am Martial, and take care of this boutique. May I

also introduce to you Patrick, who is our in store watchmaker. We are lucky to be able to have you visiting today. It’s a great decision and we really want to warmly congratulate you.”

The reasons to congratulate are various and it is always easy to find at least one:

  • • Right brand: “Congratulations, Lisa, and welcome to our brand. Your choice makes a very nice start because it really is the perfect brand for you.”
  • • Right product: “Congratulations, Mr. Masson, for being able to find the right financial investment plan. It’s not so easy and you made such an effort in achieving this important decision for yourself and also your family. ”
  • • Right opportunity: “Congratulations Mr. Wang, for having a new brand to add to your very nice collection. Not many people are as discerning or make the right decision like you have.”
  • - Celebrate warmly

Henry: “Mr. Hudson, we are so happy for you today. Let’s celebrate this moment. I informed our Showroom Director, Sam, and he will join us right away.”

  • 5 The 7 Steps
  • 201

John: “Oh! no need. We are happy with our decision.”

Sam: “Mr. Hudson, I am Sam, and take care of this showroom.

Congratulations! Alex and I are so lucky to have you and Mrs. Hudson here today. It’s a great day. Actually, I want to offer you and Mrs. Hudson a nice dinner for two from a selection of restaurants that we believe are among the finest in town. We want you to celebrate and, again, thank you for coming to us.”

A celebration is more than simply a congratulation—or nice words. A celebration is a happy moment, an instant that you do not forget. At this moment the Director and other sales advisors could gather to meet the clients and share a common celebration around a drink, a snack or a new service.

- Reward immediately

Lucy: “Lisa, I have a surprise for you! As an Italian Maison we tried to

identify the best Italian restaurant in town. We had shortlisted five of the best and we have an invitation for you to try one of them.

Lisa: “This is so nice. Is it for two?”

Lucy: “It’s for one person for a lunch and the right opportunity for you to

invite another person to discover the restaurant we recommend!”

Lisa: “That’s indeed a nice surprise, thank you!”

Company gifts are another creative thank you offer and will make the difference—customers always appreciate genuine gifts.

The reward could also be in the form of invitations.

Lucy: “Another surprise Lisa is that we will have an in-store event next

month and I would like to reserve a place for you if you agree. It’s always very relaxed and an enjoyable quality moment.”

Lucy: “Okay, if I am in town, I will come and have a look.”

This is also the perfect timing for invitations—future visit proposals. Customers tend to agree that they are flattered by the attention and special invites to attend future events. It’s a rewarding gesture for the customer.

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