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When A Customer Leaves Without Making A Purchase

When a customer has to leave without making a purchasing, in spite of the quality of the visit and the nice experience, it’s never pleasant. And, it is somehow not an entirely successful experience; a truly happy one would be a purchase.

It’s not a good moment for the sales advisor either. They may feel disappointed and perhaps slightly angry owing to a misunderstanding or a nonacceptance of the situation.

“Why did he/she not buy after that long presentation and explanation?” “Why did he/she just walk away after showing so much interest?”

Golden Rule

Control your emotions when customers do not take a decision. Disappointment only leads to failure. Stay positive and keep focused.

It's therefore essential to get both parties back to a positive mood and mindset. In terms of the sales advisor's mood:

  • - Be grateful that the customer has already given their time and given you a chance to make a sale
  • - Be assured that nothing is ever lost, but will only create future opportunities
  • - Be nice. Don’t ruin all your efforts when this is the beginning of a new relationship
  • - Thank the customer sincerely

In terms of farewell behavior, we advise you to remember to thank your customer warmly and sincerely. This may be expressed by generously offering your understanding and reassuring your customer of the value of the time spent together:

“I understand—it’s such an important decision, that even if you love our product, you still need to take time to digest all this! It's a pleasure for me to have served you and I really thank you. I am sure that we will see each other again!”

The best way to show appreciation and gratitude is to offer help, even if the customer does not buy.

“It’s raining outside—do you have an umbrella with you?”

“Would you like me to book a taxi for you?”

- Extend an offer

Any exceptional offer has a time limit! Prices can change and products can be sold. Therefore offer the customers the chance to reflect, but not for too long.

“Sir, the offer I just made you is, as mentioned, is exceptional and personal to you. It’s normally valid only for today, as per the conversation with my Management. I can extend it, so as to have more time on your side, in order for you to be more familiar with the idea. Would two weeks be sufficient?”

- Book an appointment

To be sure that the visit and the momentum are not lost, you need to book another appointment with your client, or at least get approval for future contact. At this point in the visit, your customer is leaving and should willingly commit to come back.

Simply state why and how you will get in touch:

“I understand your time frame, Sir, and please allow me to give you a followup call in two weeks—just to know if there is anything I can help with. Thank you again for your interest.”

Customers that leave without purchasing are sometime afraid that if they come back, they will have to buy. Therefore, make your invitation for their next visit non-committal and friendly.

“We will always be pleased to see you again! Do call in for a coffee, and please do feel free to bring along friends.”

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