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Relational Plan

There is no real management of relations without a plan. A plan requires simply answering these questions in order:

  • — Who shall I contact?
  • — When shall I contact them during the coming 6-12 months?
  • — Which services should I offer?

The golden rules are as follows:

• Continuously contact all customers

Regardless of the frequency, a customer that you stop contacting becomes impossible to contact. Be sure to contact customers at least once every 6 months, as a general rule.

• Individually take care of your best customers

For your best customers you need to follow-up personally, with more frequent contact, such as once every 2—3 months.

• Adapt your frequency of contact to suit your top customers

Some customers need more frequent contact while others do not like to be disturbed. It involves a cautious analysis of all customers with a predetermined action plan by customer type.

• Share only good news

The quality of the contact, seen from the customer’s point of view, is about what you bring to them each time. The good news could be a promotion, an invitation to an event, a free gift to pick-up and so forth.

• Be discreet

Never mention other customers, especially in front of a customer. Being absolutely discreet is not only an essential professional behavior; it is a virtue. Customers always avoid a too-talkative sales advisor. Discretion is 100% of the rule.

• Never insist, but never give up.

With affluent customers, patience is not only a must; it’s one of the most important qualities of a talented sales advisor. Never continuously push an offer. But also, never give up on the relationship; keep on writing greeting cards even if you don’t receive an answer. The effort will be in your favor.

Luxury selling is a real opportunity. The various encounters are enjoyable for those able to appreciate and realize them fully. It’s not only about business but the possibility to meet new people—to build relations. That is also what gives meaning and content to life.

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