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Happy Customers

Michelle and Allan Taylor are enjoying a beautiful dinner at a 3-star Michelin French restaurant. They dressed up for this special occasion. Michelle was splendid, with a dress she brought specially with her. It was perfect with her new necklace. Allan was merry. This was indeed an unforgettable evening. They sent a picture to their children in the USA. They also decided to send the picture of their happiness to Alice. Her advice had helped them to decide and she became part of the necklace story—their love story.

Lisa, after her trip to Moscow, decides to spend a few days in Lausanne, where she especially loves to stay at this charming palace hotel nearby the Lac Leman. She feels great with her new handbag. It is definitely the right color and she acknowledges to herself that “Lucy was right.” It was a very good choice and she has already noticed that many women are looking at her alligator bag with envy. She has an appointment with Peter Wang to work on a new common project.

Lisa: “How was Geneva, Peter?”

Peter: “Some meetings with banks and investors, as usual.”

Lisa: “Any new discoveries this time for your collection?”

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F. Srun, Luxury Selling, DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-45525-9_6

Peter. “Oh, yes, a new brand. Amazing! I had some doubt in the beginning

but am now sure that this new watchmaking brand I found is worth collecting.”

Lisa: “I am surprised that you are buying a new brand. You must have too

much money burning a hole in your pocket!”

Peter. “I Know! The boutique manager, Martial, was amazing. He is so

passionate. I couldn’t resist and I am pretty surprised myself.”

Lisa: “You mean impulse buying?”

Peter. “No, but I overcame my initial judgment and I now love it. A great


A Customer Who Buys Is A Happy Customer

Sophie and Thomas Williams are very happy about the house they are buying. It did involve a considerable budget change but, Simon, the real estate agent, was right. Not only do they need the large space to live in, but the house will certainly be a very good investment. On the day they need to sell it, they will call Simon. Besides, they have already introduced many colleagues and friends to Simon.

Happy customers become loyal and introduce more clients. It’s a natural, virtuous circle of success. The more you sell, the more happy customers you have, and happy customers bring more customers, who then produce more sales.

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