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Be Customer Focused

Successful sales advisors are customer focused. It also means that they manage to forget, for a while, about their immediate selling interest and are able to fully mobilize their intelligence to focus on their customers’ motivations. Moreover, they focus on customers as people and not as clients.

They are able to detect desires, and to respond by tuning in to the customer’s mindset. They manage to seduce naturally, combining charm and expertise. They are also able to understand their customers’ fears—which are always deep-rooted. The capacity to reassure, is for a large part achieved with a warm “best possible friend” personality. The best sales advisors are spontaneous and generous, and even prove to be able to protect their customers.

See Customers Not Only As A Client But As A Person

Be Active In Selling

John Hudson joined his company’s yearly sales convention in London, and Paul Morgan was there too. John had decided to invite Henry to speak to the company’s sales team about his passion for selling cars. John loves the energy and also the elegance—the soft touch—of Henry’s selling skills. John wanted Henry to inspire his company’s sales force. Paul also believes that real success is created through teamwork between the Marketing and Sales Departments. He is very happy to see John proposing that Henry speak. He also believes that his industry should be inspired by different practices. At lunch, Paul mentions the great experience he had with his young private banker, who managed to enroll him in a 20-year savings plan. When Paul announced to his wife that he had subscribed to such a plan, his wife was touched by Paul’s devotion to the family.

What are the common points among the best sales advisors? They have this incredible energy, combined with great professionalism. They are passionate about their brand and the products. They enjoy serving clients in the most meaningful sense of the word. They are also nice people who you can trust immediately. They know how to keep control, but never impose themselves.

Be Active In Selling: Be In Control Of Your Selling Success

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