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Be Yourself

I want to end this book with an encouragement. The best sales advisors are naturally, simply, nice people. They are sophisticated and well presented, and speak well-elegantly and with simplicity. They are spontaneous, generous, and able to give before taking.

They are also able to understand customers’ needs effortlessly because they genuinely care. They always influence respectfully and with a positive attitude. They also avoid possible conflict. Of course, they also know how to be the best partner in a decision when necessary, and always with long term vision for the relationship.

I believe that exercising the metier of sales advisor is not only complex, but also very meaningful. It’s not only about selling techniques. It’s also about being a good person and establishing good relations with other people. And, it is about managing to succeed with grace in every encounter.

Be A Nice Person With Natural Simplicity and Generosity.

Mark, you will remember, had enrolled himself in competing in marathons, with the first one in New York. He set himself an objective to run the most famous marathons around the world. It’s a journey and the most difficult part is to start. The more marathons you run, the more you want to run. It’s a positive addiction.

You took the decision about getting this book, and you read it. Congratulations on this achievement! Remember, the more you sell, the more you will know how to sell. Build momentum based on experimentation and exploration. Try new methods of selling and get into a process of constantly refining your selling style. There are many roads that lead to acquiring successful selling skills. You will find the most appropriate one for you in positively influencing customers and succeeding in every encounter.

Be An Active Learner: You Are The Actor Of Your Own Changes

I wish you every, and great success on your Luxury selling journey!

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