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Sharing with God

The idea of sharing is grounded in the Being of God as Trinity: it is fundamental to a Christian understanding of gratitude. The mutuality of the coinherent love between the Persons of the Trinity is the lively stimulus that grounds the openness of God’s gracious creating. The Persons of the Trinity are coequal: they share their individuality in the unity of God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. What each Person is, is expressed by each and all Persons of the Trinity. The mutuality of the affirming love that confirms the wholeness of each Person of the Trinity and the identity of their lively unity is revealed in Jesus, the Christ. Out of the generosity of his Being, God shares himself with the world to which he gives his whole attention.

The revealing implication of the fact that humankind is made “in the image of God” is that they too can share themselves with the world if they so choose and thus, in the profoundest sense, be one with God in God’s making of the world. The words “if they so choose” identify the key feature of our God-given human nature. Humans are free to become themselves through sharing themselves with creation; the invitation is demanding, daunting yet delightful. It will not be achieved in an instant; it will certainly require patience and may require sacrifice, as God reveals in the Person and Work of Christ. At the same time, it is encouraging, nourishing, and the root of our gratitude; it expresses itself in our care for one another and the world of creation and in our love of God.

The question of God’s sharing of himself with humankind and the invitation to work with him raises questions of equality with regard to both the nature of God’s relationship with humanity and interpersonal human relationships.

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