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Transport organisations have traditionally focused on construction and expansion of transport infrastructure. After completing the expansion of transport networks, the emphasis has shifted from developing new infrastructure to intelligently maintaining the existing ones (Hensher, 2000; El-sibaie & Zhang, 2004; Andrade & Teixeira, 2013). In recent years, economical constraints have influenced budget allocation to transport sectors (Alfelor, Carr, & Fateh, 2001; Jovanovic, 2004; Larsson, 2004; Andrade & Teixeira, 2011). This resulted in highlighting the development of maintenance management systems in transport sectors particularly in transport infrastructure. Maintenance management systems assist organisations in deciding when and how to maintain transport infrastructure facilities to minimise the maintenance cost/time and diminish replacement activities (Jovanovic, 2004; Larsson, 2004; Zhao, Chan, Stirling, & Madelin, 2006; Ahmad & Kamaruddin, 2012; Yaghini, Khoshraftar, & Seyedabadi, 2013).

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