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Load Data

Load data is another set of data that should be used to predict the degradation of tram tracks. The load data consists of Million Gross Tonne (MGT) without passengers and the number of trips per day. Gross Tonne is the product of total weight including the weight of locomotives and wagons as well as the weight of the average annual daily traffic volume passing the tram tracks. The load data used in this study is available from 2009 to 2013.

Impact of Repair

Track repair data should also be supplied for the track maintenance analysis. The repair data includes the physical address of tracks which were repaired, the time when repairs were made as well as the repair type. Similarly, the repair data from 2009 to 2013 is used for predicting the degradation of tram tracks.

Table 1 shows the summary of the prepared data used in the degradation analysis. As presented in this table, the data relates to 4 routes and in total, there are 12,745 records related to 8,158 inspection points. This means that on average there are about two observations/inspections relating to a certain inspection point.

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