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Descriptive Models

Descriptive Models establish relationships in data which is used to classify customers and products into groups (“Predictive Analytics”, 2015). Descriptive modelling differs from predictive modelling in a way that it identifies many different relationships between customers or products, whereas predictive modelling attempts on predicting single customer behaviour. Descriptive models differ from predictive models in a way as they do not rank the customers on the basis of their behaviour to a particular action. Descriptive models are used to classify the customers based on their product selection.

Decision Models

Decision models establish relationship between all the elements of decision, the known data attributes, the decisions, the results forecasted, in order to predict decision that involves several variables (“Predictive Analytics”, 2015). These models are used in optimizing the favourable outcomes, i.e., maximizing the interesting ones and minimizing the uninteresting ones. Decision models are used to produce set of logical decisions and business rules that will consider every action of customers.

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