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SSDM Implementation Step

Within the scope of this work a semantic technique is proposed that act as a solution to data management process. For this process food purchase data of an organization is collected and processed using SSMD technique. The SSDM includes logic interface, reasoner capability, SPARQL query execution and expansion of knowledge base. The overall process and associated steps that are shown in Figure 4. This process has three basic step that are explain below

Development of Core Ontology

In this step core ontology is created that is based on key attributes of focused data. . In core ontology classes are created by identified entities of domain for which solution is designing. In this work identified area for data management is SME’s (Small and Medium size Enterprise) that is food purchase data of an organization. Identified entities of Food Chain organization are food item name, person detail, food item cost, purchase time. Sample script for created core ontology for limited data is

Figure 4. Work flow of SSDM









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