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Development of Domain Ontology

In this data collected in above step is converted to ontology by using RDOTE tool. Relational data is stored in oracle database version depends on type of data. RDOTE provides relational data to ontology conversion and uses either MYSQL or Oracle as relational data storage space. Already created Core ontology is uploaded to RDOTE first and then connectivity is made between RDOTE and Oracle. For connectivity, tool required database username, password, hostname, Sid, database and Port number. Database can be mysql or oracle whereas sid vary from database to database. After connecting to database data and initial core ontology both are available in RDOTE. According to the requirement and core ontology properties we can enrich core ontology query data. Queries are same as oracle queries except some semantics of RDOTE requires.

a. Mapping Relational Schema to Ontology

After connecting to database we need to extract all tables from oracle database and find out system table and user defined table. In this step we also check table is master data table or not. These are as below


Create connection to the database Check user defined data base from all table List master data table For each elected master table {

If (table need association with other table) {

Use foreign key constraint

Map primary key and foreign key and create ontology }



Get single table and create maping for same table primary key Create ontology }


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