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b. Mapping Attributes

Now we get tables and attributes of that table, next is to add data properties and object properties for ontology classes. If attributes are mapping two classes then we create object property and if attribute are designated for constant value than we create data property. Each object property has range and domain, whereas data property have only domain and some predefined data type. Simple or non foreign key attributes are map to object property where as foreign key attributes map to data property. Below step explain this concept

Create connection to the database For each selected table {

For each required column {

If(column act as foreign key)


Create object property in ontology

Define range value and domain value of object property }

Else if (column is normal attribute)


Create data property for ontology Set domain value }


c. Mapping Constraints

After adding concept and properties to ontology, next we need to add some addition or optional constraint to property. These constraints include minimum cardinality, maximum cardinality, exact cardinality and unique cardinality.

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