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Results-based systematic operational improvement

PrefaceI Improvement PlanningResults-Based ImprovementProductivityImportance of Productivity for BusinessesRelationship between Profitability and CostResults-Based ImprovementResults-Based Systematic Improvement PlanningSIP: ApproachSIP: Three FundamentalsSIP: Six StepsOrganize the Program and Investigate the Current Status by Data AnalysisClarify Improvement TargetsUnderstand Analysis and Determine Operational LeveragesDevelop Alternative Improvement IdeasEvaluate Ideas and Select the BestImplementation Plan of Selected Improvements and ControlII Steps of Systematic Improvement PlanningOrganize the Program and Investigate the Current Status by Data AnalysisImprovement Program OrganizationPlanning Issues, External Conditions, and Program ScheduleReview the Current SituationClarify Improvement TargetsUnderstand Analysis and Determine Operational LeveragesMeasurement and Analysis TechniquesAnalytical Quality ToolsPareto Diagram (for Root Cause Analysis)Cause-and-Effect DiagramControl TablesHistogramsDistribution DiagramsControl SheetsWork SamplingWork StudyFlow Process Chart/Activity Analysis ChartSequence DiagramCustomer SurveysSurvey preparation processQuestions to be answeredDocumentation of processesCapacity AnalysisWDetermination of Operational LeveragesProblems According to Their AppearanceDetermining Possible Operational Improvement LeveragesDevelop Alternative Improvement IdeasProcess of Idea DevelopmentGeneration of Ideas for ImprovementDescription of IdeasOperational Improvement TechniquesLayout Planning—Systematic Layout PlanningMaterials Handling Planning—Systematic Handling AnalysisContainer Planning—Systematic Container PlanningPlanning and Process ImprovementsCell Design—Systematic Planning of CellsGroup TechnologyLine BalancingJust-in-Time ProductionSingle-Minute Exchange of DieKanbanError Prevention (Poka-Yoke)STotal Productive MaintenanceKaizenEvaluate Improvement Ideas and Select the Best OnesImplementation Plan of Selected Improvements and ControlImplementation PlanMonitoring and Evaluation
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