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Selection criteria

When setting up selection criteria, funding bodies must weight past performance against future prospects. Past performance is easier to judge and can be represented by indicators such as publication numbers, success in acquiring third-party funds, etc. Future prospects are more difficult to evaluate but are essential: REIs aim at achievements that cannot (solely) be judged on the basis of past performance. The REI programme descriptions show that to limit the risk of funding overly ambitious projects with few chances of attaining their goals, REIs commonly include non-scientific criteria for assessing the probability of success. One is the robustness of the centre’s governance and management model; another is proof of ability to exploit funding sources in addition to the REI funding. Finally, applicants usually have to show how REI centres will be integrated in participating institutions, particularly the host institution. In addition to the research criteria, reliable internal governance, ability to acquire additional funds, and structural inclusion in host institutions are the three main selection criteria.

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