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Termination of REIs

Some REIs are presently in their final phase or have recently been terminated.

  • • The Danish UNIK scheme ended in 2012. The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation sees further funding of research excellence as a continuing task of the Danish National Research Foundation, which has been running a scheme called Centres of Excellence since 1993.
  • • Science Foundation Ireland decided to merge CSET and a similar initiative, Strategic Research Clusters, into a single scheme, called SFI Centres Programme. The scheme will cover 14 national priority areas. The merging of the schemes and their more pronounced thematic outlook is reported to result from the need to consolidate and focus national funding.
  • • While the current cycle of the Irish PRTLI scheme is likely to run until 2017, to date there has been no decision to initiate a sixth cycle.
  • • The Korean BK 21 programme was terminated after the second six-year funding period ended in 2012. The ministry plans to introduce a block grant funding system for universities. The WCU programme will end in 2013, and a follow-up scheme is presently under discussion.
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