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Funding cycles

It is commonly argued that REIs that support CoEs should provide longer funding cycles than other forms of funding (e.g. project funding) in view of the goals pursued by CoEs and the complexity of their research projects. The available data support this argument. The average funding period for CoEs is around 6 years and stretches up to a maximum of 15 years. There are differences in the available funding per year in terms of the funding cycles. The average funding per year of CoEs with shorter funding cycles (less than or equal to 6 years) is around USD 2.3 million while that of CoEs with longer funding cycles (more than 6 years) is substantially larger and around USD 3.7 million (Table 3.4).

Table 3.4. Funding per year and funding cycle length (2011 or latest available year)

Average USD (PPP)

Minimum USD (PPP)

Maximum USD (PPP)

Median USD (PPP)

CoEs with funding cycles of less than or equal to 6 years

2 364 623

81 139

26 000 000

1 685 347

CoEs with funding cycles of more than 6 years

3 748 623

274 882

14 000 000

2 358 852

Note: Shorter and longer funding cycles are defined as those above/below the CoE sample average of 6 years. Source: OECD/RIHR Survey to Centres of Excellence, 2012.

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