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Part II presents a collection of six country case studies describing the different administrative arrangements, approaches, aims and effects of research excellence initiatives (REIs) in six OECD countries. It builds on the analysis presented in earlier chapters of the report by providing more detailed analysis of the strategies followed by each country in establishing funding and supporting the activities of REIs, centres of excellence (CoEs) and host institutions (HIs). It also discusses the perceived effects on the national research systems.

Denmark: Centres of excellence

Sune Kaur-Pedersen

Danish Agency for Science, Innovation and Higher Education

This chapter presents a Danish research excellence initiative (REI), the Investment Capital for University Research (UNIK) and its four centres of excellence (CoEs). It discusses the REI’s aims and funding, its implementation, the fields of science covered, the management and funding of the CoEs, as well as its impact and effects. Overall, the perception is that the initiative has enhanced national research competitiveness and has helped to internationalise Danish research by fostering collaboration between national and international research institutions.

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