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Selection of centres

The WPI Programme Committee, established by MEXT, is composed of experts, at least 30% of whom are eminent foreign scholars, Nobel laureates and former university presidents. The Programme Committee selects awardees through a two-stage process consisting of document reviews of submitted application materials, by a working group that includes foreign specialists, and panel reviews by the Programme Committee of the programme director and programme officers of each project. After receiving the results, MEXT then makes the final decision after receiving the results

The screening takes careful note of the centre’s proposed characteristics (research field, research targets, operation, researchers and other staff, environment to be created, indices to evaluate in light of global standards, securing of research funds), the appropriations plan, the host institution’s commitment, etc.

The FY 2012 selection targeted not only new centres, but also schemes with the potential to achieve world-level status by combining WPI support with programmes at existing centres. In such cases, the condition is that once the projects at existing centres are completed, efforts at roughly the same scale will be made through independently secured funding.

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