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Follow-up and interim evaluation

The WPI Initiative conducts each year a detailed follow-up as well as a careful reckoning of the situation with a view to building truly top-level centres. The WPI Programme Committee conducts a strict follow-up (specialist advice and instruction) with the programme director (PD) and programme officers (POs) at each centre. The follow-up involves submission of a progress report by each centre on the level of its research, interdisciplinary integration (number of interdisciplinary papers and posters), internationalisation (percentage of foreign researchers), system reform and other topics. There are also site visits by groups of six to eight experts (about half of whom are foreigners), and the Programme Committee holds hearings with the director of the centre and the head of the host institution. The results are announced and used each year as the basis for determining the budget allocation.

An interim evaluation was conducted in FY 2011 on the five centres selected in FY 2007 after four full years. The purpose was “to evaluate the progress of centres selected in FY 2007 in order to build a solid ‘visible centre’ under the WPI programme”. The interim evaluation is conducted by the WPI Programme Committee, with the co-operation of a subcommittee set up at each centre by the PD, POs and the Programme Committee. The Programme Committee makes the interim evaluation based on hearings conducted by the subcommittee at each centre and the reports compiled after site visits. A comprehensive evaluation is made after taking into account all aspects: research level, interdisciplinary integration, internationalisation, system reform, and future prospects. The results of the interim evaluation are reflected in the reports of the Programme Committee. The reports may recommend changes in the centres, including discontinuation of the centre, a change of director, partial changes to principal investigators and/or subjects of research, or partial changes to research targets.

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