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Programme results

One result of the programme seems to have been advances in joint research on high- risk topics and new disciplines, which is hard to do with small project budgets, and the formation of interdisciplinary research groups that span a broad range of fields. This resulted in some cases in acquisition of new funds. Some centres believed that this helped them gain prestige both within and beyond the universities.

A venue was created to foster PhDs and young researchers in areas that go beyond existing academic disciplines. Opportunities were provided for exchanges between domestic and foreign researchers through exchanges as well as internships, project-based learning and summer camps. A change in awareness among students was apparent and students praised the programme.

At the University of Tokyo, dialogue with corporations regarding the fostering of PhDs progressed, along with a common understanding of the abilities that needed to be developed. Improvements in problem-setting ability, problem-solving ability, and the tendency to take an entrepreneurial perspective were noted.

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