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Distribution by location

Most CoEs are located in Lisbon and the Tagus Valley (39), the north (22) and the centre (17). The Azores, Alentejo and Algarve only have one CoE each. This pattern is in line with the traditional geographical concentration of research in Portugal.

Distribution by gender

In Portugal two-thirds of researchers are female (EC, 2012), but most co-ordinators of CoEs are male. Only 24 CoEs (37.5%) have a female co-ordinator.

Distribution by function

CoEs perform a variety of functions, combining research with training, education and technology transfer, among others. Generally, they:

  • • Perform leading-edge R&D
  • • Offer postgraduate studies and advanced training to early-stage researchers, professionals and citizens, in order to help improve societal skills and lead to better quality of life
  • • Transfer technology to Portuguese and foreign industries through collaborative research, contract research, prototyping and consulting
  • • Create start-up at ALs, which usually convert intellectual property rights into startup equity
  • • Diffuse science to create awareness of the contribution of science to the well-being of citizens.
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