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Summary and conclusions

The responses to the OECD/RIHR questionnaire reveal the many similarities listed above. While there are also some differences in the views of the centres, an analysis of the responses reveals no major discrepancies.

Because of the specific requirement of the national REI instrument that the CoEs function as independent legal entities after they have been established by their host institutions, it is important to point out some issues regarding the management of CoEs and on the prospects for their future functioning:

  • • Host institutions provide equipment and infrastructure without charge to most CoEs. In some cases they provide start-up funding as well. Administrative duties of CoEs and host institutions are separate.
  • • The CoE will continue to exist, with the help of other funding resources.
  • • Innovations generated by research of the CoE will be successfully marketed.
  • • CoEs have strengthened the ability to transfer research results to the economy.

The Ministry of Education, Science and Sports plans to continue to support the REI instrument by integrating it into future strategic documents and by involving the centres in smart specialisation efforts.

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