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Home arrow History arrow Life History Evolution and Sociology: The Biological Backstory of Coming Apart: The State of White America 1960-2010

Questions of Etiology, Change, Policy, Mating, and Migration

Abstract With the close of the fourth section, it is anticipated that readers will know what life history theory is, and how it explains Murray’s data. Having demonstrated that Coming Apart is fundamentally a work of life history, it is necessary to reconsider its implications. Therefore, Chapter 5 goes on to consider what the sources of change are, parsing between nature and nurture and other questions of causality. Thereafter, chapter five considers how the biological underpinnings of these sociological patterns change policy approaches and add gravity to data on mating and migration.

Keywords Extrinsic mortality • intrinsic mortality • bet-hedging • Malthusian • Environmental heterogeneity • space • time • structure • Genetically • developmentally • facultatively • violent crime • Assortative mating • homogamy • super-zips • genetic similarity • Bubble • niche construction • niche selection • migration

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