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Behind the Wireless: A History of Early Women at the BBC

Reconstructing BBC Women’s LivesNotesPhotographsBBC TerminologyMoney and Earnings‘Growing Like a Young Giant’: The BBC as a Place to WorkFrom Magnet House to Broadcasting HouseBBC HierarchiesBeing Waged, Being SalariedBeing Younger, Being OlderHigh Heels, Low HeelsPerks, Clubs and AssociationsJohn Reith and BBC WomenConclusion‘Women Who Oil the Wheels’: Waged Women at the BBCGetting an Office Job at the BBCThe Women’s Staff AdministratorThe General OfficeThe BBC ‘Secretary’The Telephone Exchange and Duplicating OfficeThe BBC ClerkWomen House StaffPromotion to the Salaried GradesConclusion‘Only an Exceptional Woman’: Married Women at the BBCThe Marriage Bar in Interwar BritainMarried Women at the BBC: Before the BarMarried Women at the BBC: A Change in AttitudeMarried Women at the BBC: The Introduction of the Marriage BarThe BBC Marriage TribunalMarried Women at the BBC Post-1932The Abolition of the BBC Marriage BarConclusion‘New and Important Careers’: Salaried Women at the BBCBeing Salaried at the BBCChildren’s Hour OrganiserAdvertising RepresentativeDrama ProducerSchool BroadcasterAssistant EditorSocial Documentary Maker‘On the same footing as men?’ Recruitment, Mobility and PayInequality in RecruitmentInequality in PromotionInequality in PayThe Case of Mary CandlerConclusion‘Women Who Rule at the BBC’: Four Elite WomenBeing Elite at the BBCMary Somerville (1897-1963)Hilda Matheson (1888-1940)Isa Benzie (1902-1988)Mary Adams (1898-1984)Conclusion‘When They Have Their Cup of Tea’: Making Programmes for WomenBeing a Talks Assistant at the BBCElla Fitzgerald, ‘Women’s Hour’Elise Sprott and Hilda Matheson, ‘Household Talks’/‘Morning Talks’Margery Wace, ‘At Home Today’Janet Quigley, ‘Tea Time Talks’Conclusion‘You Feel Their Personal Touch’: Women BroadcastersBeing a Woman Broadcaster on the BBCMarion Cran, Celebrity GardenerRay Strachey, Daytime All-RounderBeatrice Webb, Evening GrandeeMrs Edna Thorpe, ‘Ordinary’, ‘Average’ Housewife‘Men Talking’ and ‘The Woman’s Point of View’Women Announcers, the Sheila Borrett ExperimentWomen Commentators, the Triumph of Olga CollettConclusionEpilogue: A Brief Encounter with 90 Further YearsBibliography

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