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«Corporate Finance»

Stock repurchases in practiceCapital structure theory when markets are imperfectDebt characteristicsTests of the efficient market hypothesisRisk and risk premiaIntroducing corporate taxes and cost of financial distressWhy dividend policy may increase firm valueDividend policyBehavioural financeAbandonment optionCorporate financing and valuationAlternative asset pricing modelsArbitrage pricing theoryWhy projects have positive NPVThe pecking order theory of capital structureA final word on Weighted Average Cost of CapitalThe net present value investment ruleDoes the firm's dividend policy affect firm value?Principle of value additivityMarket efficiencyOptionsPortfolio risk and returnWhat to discount?Equity characteristicsFuture valueCapital assets pricing model (CAPM)Strong formFlexible production optionBlack-Scholes Model of option pricingValuing stocks using present value formulasCost of capital with preferred stocksCapital budgeting in practiceThe Trade-off theory of capital structurePortfolio variancePerpetuities and annuitiesWhy dividend policy may decrease firm valueReal optionsHow capital structure affects company cost of capitalCalculating free cash flowsPortfolio theoryBinominal method of option pricingNet present valueWhat determines option value?Practical problems in valuing real optionsOption pricingNominal and real rates of interestPortfolio's market riskTiming optionOption valueAlternative methods to adjust for riskDividend payments in practiceConsumption betaValuing businessesCapital budgetingCost of capital for new projectsRisk, return and opportunity cost of capitalClassical stock market anomalies Measuring market riskValuing bonds using present value formulasThe effect of diversification on riskHow companies decide on the dividend policyThree-Factor ModelDebt policy in a perfect capital marketPresent valueWeak formExpansion optionDebt policySemi-strong formDoes the firm's debt policy affect firm value?How capital structure affects the beta measure of risk
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