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«Corporate Finance»

Does the firm's dividend policy affect firm value?Dividend payments in practicePractical problems in valuing real optionsDebt policy in a perfect capital marketHow capital structure affects the beta measure of riskThe net present value investment ruleTests of the efficient market hypothesisPrinciple of value additivityPresent valueFlexible production optionBinominal method of option pricingArbitrage pricing theoryStock repurchases in practicePortfolio theorySemi-strong formCapital structure theory when markets are imperfectMeasuring market riskNet present valueRisk, return and opportunity cost of capitalOption pricingCapital budgeting in practiceThe effect of diversification on riskCost of capital for new projectsConsumption betaDividend policyThe Trade-off theory of capital structureReal optionsWhy dividend policy may increase firm valueWhy dividend policy may decrease firm valuePerpetuities and annuitiesOption valueWhat determines option value?Capital budgetingCapital assets pricing model (CAPM)Portfolio varianceDoes the firm's debt policy affect firm value?Introducing corporate taxes and cost of financial distressBlack-Scholes Model of option pricingExpansion optionEquity characteristicsStrong formThree-Factor ModelValuing bonds using present value formulasCorporate financing and valuationValuing stocks using present value formulasClassical stock market anomalies Weak formOptionsAbandonment optionThe pecking order theory of capital structureCost of capital with preferred stocksNominal and real rates of interestPortfolio's market riskHow capital structure affects company cost of capitalHow companies decide on the dividend policyAlternative methods to adjust for riskBehavioural financeDebt policyFuture valueA final word on Weighted Average Cost of CapitalCalculating free cash flowsPortfolio risk and returnValuing businessesMarket efficiencyWhy projects have positive NPVDebt characteristicsAlternative asset pricing modelsRisk and risk premiaTiming optionWhat to discount?
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