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Andean region, Northern South America

The Chibcha tribes, stretched from Colombia to Ecuador and Nicaragua. Their houses were built of posts or poles, with or without added adobe, and the roofs were built with palm leaves. The domiciliation process of R. prolixus from its wild habitat occurred as it does today. Genetic studies of these insects have shown the identity of genotypes among domiciled insects and insects found in the wild, especially those nesting in palm trees of the genus Attalea.39

One of the most prominent Chibcha groups inhabiting the highlands of Bogota and its nearby valleys, were the Muiscas (men), who built several large communities (100 AD). They grew corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, cotton, and cassava in the lower valleys, and their extensive housing groups formed stable communities for the creation of a solid economy based on trade with neighboring villages, primarily those to the north and west. Domiciliated R. prolixus penetrated into Colombia and Venezuela and then expanded northward reaching Guatemala (Fig. 2.6).

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