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Tribe: Bolboderini (genera: Bolbodera, Belminus, Microtriatoma, Parabelminus)

The 13 species of Bolboderini are typically small Triatominae (adults up to 12 mm in length). Bolbodera is known only from Cuba, while the other genera are reported from isolated locations spanning the region from Mexico to southern Brazil. The tribal, generic, and species concepts are entirely morphological7 and it may be that intermediate forms may be found as more natural populations are sampled.

The feeding habits of Belminus have been extensively studied, and suggest

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that these species may be at a very early stage in adaptation to hematophagy. , 9 In a morphological cladogram of the four genera, Lent and Wygodzinsky7 placed Bolbodera as the most primitive, with Microtriatoma and Parabelminus as the most derived. However, this is difficult to reconcile with their known geographical distribution, as Bolbodera is known only from Cuba. Comparison of 28S-D2 sequences placed Microtriatoma trinidadensis basal to the Rhodniini45 although no other Bolboderini have yet been studied by such means.

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