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Organ transplantation in T. cruzi-infected recipients

Although these cases are not related to acquired infection of T. cruzi by organ transplantation, it seems appropriate to recall here that T. cruzi-infected patients need specific medical care in the context of organ transplantation. Due to reactivation of the parasite, an infected patient who is receiving an organ transplant may develop high parasitemia and clinical signs of Chagas disease when immunosuppressive treatment is implemented before transplantation.

However, heart transplantation is recommended for patients with chronic Chagas heart disease in its terminal phase because it is the only treatment able to modify the progression of the disease.94,95 In this case, parasitemia in recipients should be monitored throughout the transplantation process, but also after because of possible reactivation.96 A survey of parasitemia and PCR control in the myocardium has been recommended.97-99 Early diagnosis and rapid trypanocidal treatment has a good prognosis.100,101

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