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We come to the conclusion that the identification of latent T. cruzi infection in HIV/AIDS patients is highly important. In our opinion, this recommendation should be considered both in endemic and nonendemic areas of Chagas’ disease. The effective control of viremia by HAART associated with a period of maintenance treatment of 6—12 months associated with increased CD41 T lymphocytre count and negative PCR in the blood may represent sufficient parameters for discontinuation of antiparasitic therapy. Early diagnosis of reactivation of chronic Chagas’ disease with CNS involvement followed by specific antiparasitic therapy may modify the poor prognosis of this kind of patient.

Glossary of specialized terms of this chapter

AIDS acquired immune deficiency syndrome

CDC Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention, USA

CNS central nervous system

CSF cerebrospinal fluid

CT computed tomography

HAART highly active antiretroviral therapy

HIV human immunodeficiency virus

MRI magnetic resonance imaging

PCNSL primary central nervous system lymphoma

PCR polymerase chain reaction

QBC quantitative buffy coat

T. cruzi Trypanosoma cruzi

WHO World Health Organization

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