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Practical Implications

The study presented in this chapter indicates that climate or culture change programs focused on the development of OEI would be an effective way of developing positive behaviors amongst employees which can maximize job satisfaction and organizational commitment and, in turn, lower turnover intentions in organizations. A climate or culture change program focusing on the development of OEI could include the following objectives and activities based on the underlying dimensions of OEI.


Ensuring that the organization monitors and attends to the emotions and feelings of employees about all aspects of the business; as well as ensuring that the organization can identify and learn from its mistakes by encouraging employees and senior managers to discuss feelings about actions or decisions and reflect on behaviors.

Emotional Resilience

Promoting a relaxed and trusting atmosphere in which managers and employees can discuss negative issues openly and engage in constructive criticism, which in turn increases the organization’s ability to absorb failures and recover from setbacks.


Making the short-term and long-term direction and strategy of the organization clear to all employees and communicating an attractive vision for the organization in which employees understand how they can add value in their roles and contribute to success.

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