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Cases, Videos and Web Sources

The following cases present issues concerning the ‘growing pains’ in organizations, such as transformation from paternalistic to professional structure and managing resistance to change.


Beer, M., Khurana, R. and Weber, J. (2005) Hewlett-Packard: Culture in Changing Times. Harvard Business School Case No: 404087-PDF-ENG.

Lowe, J.Y. (2013) Goran Kapicic atActavis China. IVEY Case No: 9B13C001.

Saini, D.S. (2007) Flaxo-Exports: Managing People in a Small-to-medium-size Enterprise. Harvard Business School Case No: HKU668-PDF-ENG.


Video 8.1 Clay Shirky: Institutions vs. collaboration (2008) shirkv on institutions versus collaboration.html - Shirky challenges the institutional structures and proposes alternatives.

Video 8.2 Dan Heath: Want Your Organization to Change? Put Feelings First (2010). v=JhBzxv7CneM.

Video 8.3 IBM Study: Making Change Work (2008)

Web sources - Association for Change Management Professionals. - International Organizational Development Association. - Organizational Development Network.

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