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Determine Whether to Specify Level of Resources Available

One of the key decisions to be made is whether to indicate the level of resources available for the testing program being bid. There are advantages and disadvantages to disclosing the funding available.

Telling bidders how much money is available helps them determine whether they can offer the required products and/or services for the cost indicated. Even if the resource level will permit the bidders to prepare a credible bid, knowing the resource level will help them tailor their response in an affordable manner. Bidders might be able to suggest cost savings that would permit their bid to be below the resources available, though they may not be able to meet all RFP specifications.

On the other hand, not revealing the resource level may increase the number of bids received. It may also make the bids more competitive and less costly, since bidders won’t know how much money is available and might be prompted to keep their estimates low.

In some cases, agency policy may make this a moot question. This should be checked in advance.

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