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Determine If a “Best and Final Offer” Will Be Used

The sponsoring agency may wish to request a “best and final offer” (BAFO) from each bidder still being considered. This may be particularly appropriate if the RFP was changed during the bidding process or the agency needs lower costs, or due to agency policy Agencies may specify a dollar amount, a percentage off and/or eliminating certain activities.

Review of the BAFO(s)

The agency should review the BAFOs. The sponsoring agency should determine if the new cost proposals will change cost and total points assigned, or whether this process is used only with the apparent winner.

Make Final Decision

After the response(s) to questions and concerns and the BAFOs have been received, the sponsoring agency needs to decide which bid to accept, and what (if any) changes to it are needed, based on responses to the follow-up queries.

Prepare Summary Notes and Report on Bidding Process

At the final meeting of the review team, reviewers should share all of their comments about each proposal so that they can be used to prepare summary notes for each bid. These will be used in the agency approval of the winning bidder as well as in debriefs of each bidder. The agency should prepare a report to describe the RFP, the bidding process, proposals received, proposal review process, technical points awarded and the cost points awarded. The recommended winner should be named along with strengths of that bid, and a summary of the reasons other bidders were not selected.

Awarding the Contract Award Process

Typically, the agency posts the apparent winner online or sends an award notice via other means (e.g., e-mail, letter), notifying bidders about the intended award. A period and process for protests may be provided, which should have been included in the RFP and the official award notice. Losing bidders should be afforded the opportunity to inquire about reviewer ratings and comments on their proposal before the protest period expires.

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