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A short course of lectures
«Food and Environment in Early and Medieval China»

The Earliest DynastiesFood Under the MongolsTang Environment and FarmingMeanwhile in Central Asia . .. Another NeolithicTang FoodCentral Asia in Tang TimesConcepts of NatureShifting Grounds in MingMing Fails in the West but Thrives in the SoutheastChina Before AgricultureThe Mongols and the Yuan DynastyMing and Impossible RuleModern Folk Views Continued Much of the Old IdeologyUSAGESui and TangThe Mongol Empire and Knowledge Flows Within ItCosmologyThe Dawn of Domesticated GrainThe Yinshan ZhengyaoThe World-System ModelPrehistoric Origins Across EurasiaHan Central AsiaA Bit About Physical AncestryThe Development of Chinese Sustainability During Zhou and HanWords for KnowingLater Zhou and the Warring StatesWhy Study the Chinese Food System?Diffusion, Cultural Choice, and Chinese DistinctivenessAnimalsThe Systematization of Environmental Management in HanEnvironmental HistoryMedicináis: Numbers and ClassificationHan FoodwaysFoods from the West: Medieval ChinaThe Moral: Chinese and Western Medicines UnitedLiao and JinExplaining FoodwaysOverview: Imperial China Managing LandscapesA Bit About LanguagesPatterns and PastsMing Learning and DevelopmentThe Origins of Chinese CivilizationPlaces of Origin of Major MedicináisMoralityDynastic Consolidation Under HanForestsDuring and After . ..Early Farming in ChinaCivilization?Philosophy and Politics: Origins of Chinese TraditionsThe Huihui YaofangIdeology and BehaviorTang Culture and PoetryHan Food and MedicineMongol Rule in ChinaThree Kingdoms and Northern and Southern DynastiesThe Later NeolithicThe Origins of AgricultureThe End of the Mongol Information SuperhighwayChinas Early AgriculturePREFACE
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