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Food and Environment in Early and Medieval China

PREFACEUSAGEWhy Study the Chinese Food System?The World-System ModelDiffusion, Cultural Choice, and Chinese DistinctivenessPrehistoric Origins Across EurasiaChina Before AgricultureA Bit About Physical AncestryA Bit About LanguagesThe Origins of AgricultureChinas Early AgricultureThe Dawn of Domesticated GrainEarly Farming in ChinaThe Later NeolithicAnimalsMeanwhile in Central Asia . .. Another NeolithicThe Origins of Chinese CivilizationCivilization?The Earliest DynastiesLater Zhou and the Warring StatesConclusionThe Development of Chinese Sustainability During Zhou and HanIdeology and BehaviorCosmologyPhilosophy and Politics: Origins of Chinese TraditionsConcepts of NatureWords for KnowingMoralityThe Systematization of Environmental Management in HanDynastic Consolidation Under HanA Summary of Han HistoryHan FoodwaysHan Food and MedicineHan Central AsiaFoods from the West: Medieval ChinaThree Kingdoms and Northern and Southern DynastiesSui and TangTang Environment and FarmingTang FoodTang Culture and PoetryCentral Asia in Tang TimesLiao and JinThe Mongols and the Yuan DynastyThe Mongol Empire and Knowledge Flows Within ItMongol Rule in ChinaFood Under the MongolsThe Huihui YaofangMedicinĂ¡is: Numbers and ClassificationPlaces of Origin of Major MedicinĂ¡isThe Moral: Chinese and Western Medicines UnitedThe Yinshan ZhengyaoDuring and After . ..The End of the Mongol Information SuperhighwayShifting Grounds in MingMing and Impossible RuleMing Fails in the West but Thrives in the SoutheastMing Learning and DevelopmentOverview: Imperial China Managing LandscapesPatterns and PastsEnvironmental HistoryExplaining FoodwaysForestsModern Folk Views Continued Much of the Old IdeologyA Summary of the Old Ways