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A short course of lectures
«Food and Environment in Early and Medieval China»

A Bit About LanguagesThe Later NeolithicForestsThe Dawn of Domesticated GrainPatterns and PastsDiffusion, Cultural Choice, and Chinese DistinctivenessHan Food and MedicineEarly Farming in ChinaTang FoodWords for KnowingUSAGEThe Earliest DynastiesChinas Early AgricultureExplaining FoodwaysWhy Study the Chinese Food System?The End of the Mongol Information SuperhighwayMoralityPrehistoric Origins Across EurasiaThe Mongols and the Yuan DynastySui and TangEnvironmental HistoryThe Moral: Chinese and Western Medicines UnitedThree Kingdoms and Northern and Southern DynastiesMongol Rule in ChinaAnimalsMing Learning and DevelopmentDuring and After . ..CosmologyLater Zhou and the Warring StatesPlaces of Origin of Major MedicináisShifting Grounds in MingPREFACEPhilosophy and Politics: Origins of Chinese TraditionsHan FoodwaysThe Yinshan ZhengyaoOverview: Imperial China Managing LandscapesMedicináis: Numbers and ClassificationChina Before AgricultureMing Fails in the West but Thrives in the SoutheastIdeology and BehaviorFoods from the West: Medieval ChinaThe Mongol Empire and Knowledge Flows Within ItModern Folk Views Continued Much of the Old IdeologyThe Origins of Chinese CivilizationTang Environment and FarmingLiao and JinDynastic Consolidation Under HanHan Central AsiaMing and Impossible RuleTang Culture and PoetryFood Under the MongolsThe Origins of AgricultureConcepts of NatureThe World-System ModelThe Development of Chinese Sustainability During Zhou and HanThe Huihui YaofangA Bit About Physical AncestryCivilization?The Systematization of Environmental Management in HanCentral Asia in Tang TimesMeanwhile in Central Asia . .. Another Neolithic
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