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Check for Unauthorized Materials/Devices

The administrator is the primary factor in preventing unauthorized items from entering the test environment. It is best to prohibit all personal items in the testing area. Ideally, the administrator and/or the testing system should provide all the materials needed for the test session.

Check Proper Test

It is possible to give a test taker the wrong PBT booklet and/or answer sheet when different tests and/ or precoded machine-scored forms are available. The administrator should distribute PBT materials systematically, one at a time, and by referring to the test roster. The same kind of diligence is required to launch the proper CBT. The administrator should attend to each test taker on an individual basis. This includes entering login data that corresponds with the proper test taker and making sure that the correct settings are in place prior to launching a testing event.

Check Active Monitoring

Active monitoring is essential to detecting, resolving and documenting irregularities when they occur. Distracting gestures, referencing prohibited devices, communicating with one another, continuing to work after time is over, blank expressions signaling confusion about what is expected and other types of behaviors are noticeable only when the administrator is actively monitoring the test environment.

Check End-of-Session Activities

The administration process is not over when a test session ends. The administrator needs to account for all materials and close each test session before dismissing the test taker.

The test user ultimately is responsible for what is made of the test results. The test user should investigate administrations that violate standardization requirements to determine whether the quality and/or comparability of the scores is weakened (Standard 6.1, AERA et al., 2014, pp. 114-115). The foregoing checks provide opportunities to identify and mitigate errors in the course of the administration processes.

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