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Test Administrator Job Aid

Job aids support work processes by serving as guides to help direct or enlighten performance (Rossett & Gautier-Downe, 1991). Job aids do not take the place of training, instruction or the tools that are needed to perform a particular work function. The key idea associated with the value of a job aid is that knowing how and when to use one is possible only after the individual has received the requisite training, practice and feedback that lead to the acquisition of job skills. Job aids are like the “code book” that an electrician uses in the field to handle a wide variety of tasks in accordance with state and local ordinances. A template for a test administrator job aid is offered here.


  • • Admission area sufficient in accommodating test takers
  • • Test taker required to sign in and present acceptable forms of identification (official, not expired), admission ticket and so forth
  • • Official identification documents, signature and picture checked for authenticity and match with the test taker
  • • Biometric data (picture, fingerprint, iris scan, palm vein scan) captured and quality/accuracy verified
  • • Late test taker / test taker without proper identification /admit documents denied admission
  • • Admission area monitored by staff
  • • Adequate number of staff dedicated to admission activities.
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