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Not by bread alone : Russian foreign policy under Putin

Continuity without ChangeLife after the Union EmpirePutin's Contributions to Russian Foreign PolicyTransformations in Foreign PolicyWhat Happened to Russia, and Why?Fear and Loathing in Russian Political CultureMultiple Dimensions of Political CultureRussian Political CultureTwo Logics in Russian Foreign PolicyRussia and Its Identity AbyssGhost of the USSRRussian Orthodoxy as a National AnchorStalin: Godfather of the Modern Identity ConstructSelective Historical OblivionThe Role of the Superpower in Russian Political CultureThe Territory ConstructThe Hard Power ConstructThe Velikoderzhavnost' ConstructThe Concept of Fear and Social ContractEffectiveness and Legitimacy of GovernanceInternal FearExternal FearCollectivismOrigins and Transience of AuthorityGroup Elites vs. an IndividualDaily Portions of LiesRole of an IndividualRegime Mimicry and the Problem of GovernanceIndividual versus Collective SovereigntyConclusionRussia and the United StatesBattle of Two ExceptionalismsPerceptional Security DilemmaAnti-AmericanismDominating NarrativesInternal Anti-Americanism“Meddling” in RussiaExternal Anti-AmericanismReverse Blame GameTraditional (Nuclear) Security ConcernsThe United States in the Former Soviet SpaceAmerican Sanctions and Russian Embargo SelfiesTheoretical Bases for DissentionConclusionRussia and Its Near AbroadNeocolonial PrimordialismIdentity that Goes a Long WayNever-Ending EmpireThe Role of BordersInstitutionalized Neo-ImperialismCommonwealth of Indifferent StatesEurasian UnionPolitical-Military InstitutionalismNeighbors to the WestUkrainian DebacleBelarus: An Uneasy PartnershipParalyzing Limbo in MoldovaNeighbors to the South“Strange” Wars in Georgia“Estranged Partnership” with Armenia“Oil-Based Partnership” with AzerbaijanNeighbors to the EastTransnational TerrorismIllegal ImmigrationDrug TraffickingGreat Game 2.0ConclusionEuropean Dimensions of Russian Foreign PolicyPolitical Roller Coaster with EuropePartnering for DiscontentNorthern DimensionBlack Sea SynergyEuroregionsEuropean Unions Democracy PromotionInstitutional Grounds for DiscordIntergovernmental Forum for CooperationTensions over Extended Cooperation with OthersEurope in Russian Foreign Policy and National SecurityEuropean Security Treaty: From Success to FailureEurope under AmericaLegitimacy and JusticeCurrent Views on European SecurityClashes of ValuesEurocentric ValuesEurasianismEurovision’s “Gay”FalloutSupranational Threats to RussiaRussian Energy Politics: The Weapons of ChoiceFluctuating Oil DynamicsComing Down with It?Demand and Supply BattleComplex Energy InterdependenceUkrainian Apple of DiscordConclusionIdentity Meets Money in Asia and the PacificRegional IntegrationMultilateral Institutional CooperationChina: Together Against All (?) OddsJapan: Old Rivalry Never DiesNorth Korea: Together against All OddsIndia: Old-New AllianceConclusionPeripheral PoliticsGhost of the Cold War FutureLatin AmericaEconomic CooperationTogether against SanctionsMilitary CooperationThe Middle EastSyria: There Is No Friend Like an Old OneIran: Traditions RuleSaudi Arabia: Neither Foes nor FriendsTurkey: Old Rivalry, New RealitiesArab-Israeli ConflictAfricaStrategicEconomic CooperationArms Trade: Old Habits Die HardConclusionQuo Vadis?Russian Political Culture in DistressBack to the USSRWhat the Future Holds for RussiaBIBLIOGRAPHY
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