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A Near Absence of Craft Production

The facilities in the Oroncota center had a near absence of lithic remains. The only ones recovered from the complex were grinding stones (Table 5.5). However, the frequency was low. Unlike other Inka centers, there were no signs that this complex was the focus of specialized craft production, including large-scale weaving, spinning, or ceramic manufacture. Grinding was the most representative activity involving the processing of grains, perhaps in relation to the production of the highly valued chicha corn beer. It is likely that the Inka representatives delegated craft production activities to support centers. This was indeed the case of Yoroma, an indigenous center close to Inkarry Moqo, dedicated to the production of quartzite stone tools (Alconini 2010).

Support Imperial Facilities: El Pedregal and Inkarry Moqo

A comparison of the architecture and layout of the two additional Inka facilities in relation to the main center is useful to reveal the investment levels in the region. Their location and function in the broader settlement system were discussed in the previous chapter.

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