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In the Cuzcotuyo fort, nearly thirty storage qolqas were clustered around the main complex. Considering that Khosko Toro had a low population density, the resources stored in the center were mainly used to feed the frontier garrison. This contrasted with the dispersed nature of storage facilities in the Oroncota Valley. There, over eighty warehouses were distributed in the settlement congregations found on the mesa and the lower alluvium, instead of being concentrated in the main Inka complex. These facilities were grouped within a range of 2 km in the indigenous population clusters, suggesting that storage and grinding took place near the producing residences. Considering its administrative nature, Oroncota had a relatively larger storage capacity than Cuzcotuyo. However, compared with other Inka imperial provinces, the storage scale in both facilities was relatively limited. This situation responded to the frontier political economy aimed at encouraging economically self-sufficient nodes in volatile regions.

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