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A short course of lectures
«Sukuk Securities»

FitchRAMThe Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial InstitutionsMUDARABAH (PARTNERSHIP)MARKET WIDENING AND MARKET DEPTHThe Islamic Financial Services BoardMUSHARAKAH (PROFIT SHARING)Growing-Promised Regular Payments and Predetermined Maturity PaymentCURRENT SUKUK STRUCTURESThe Extension of Sukuk to the Retail MarketREGULATORY SUFFICIENCYCOMPARISON OF THE YIELDS OF ISLAMIC SECURITIES AND RONDSIJARAH (LEASING)NAKHEEL SUKUK (UAE)Fee-Based TransactionsIssuing-Country RiskCash-Flow Identification and Pattern Recognition for Theoretical Valuation ModelsRegulatory Issues for Sukuk Financial Products MUZARAH (FARMLAND LEASING)PRINCIPLESPressure for More Trades on ExchangesZERO-PROMISED REGULAR-PAYMENT SUKUKCOST OF ISSUANCERibaProfit and Loss SharingMarket SupervisionBIBLIOGRAPHYPragmatic and Idealistic Approaches to Structuring SukukThe Foundation and Principles of Islamic FinanceVARIABLE-PROMISED PAYMENT SUKUKShari'ah Requirements for Sukuk StructuresISLAMIC (PARTICIPATION) DEBT SECURITIESThree. Payoff Structures and Sukuk ValuationMUSAQAH (ORCHARD LEASING)Disclosures in the Current Sukuk MarketTHE HISTORY OF SUKUKTHE ECONOMICS OF CONVENTIONAL BOND-BASED FUNDINGTwo. Sukuk Securities in PracticeTHE STRUCTURE OF THIS ROOKStandard & Poor'sMAHAN AIRLINE COMPANY (IRAN)Risk SharingHOW SUKUK SECURITIES ARE PRICEDIjtihadRegulations with a DifferenceSecuritization, Trading, and RatingAcknowledgmentsDeclining-Promised Regular Payments and Zero-Promised Maturity PaymentCountry of DomicileKHAZANAH NASIONAL BERHAD (MALAYSIA)LIQUIDITYThe Prohibition of Excessive Uncertainty and AmbiguityDo Regulators Have a Role in Sukuk Structures?The International Islamic Financial MarketMURABAHAH (MARKUP)Fixed-Promised Regular Payments and Zero-Promised Maturity PaymentSALAM (FUTURES)FOUNDATIONThe Prohibition of RibaEDUCATING MORE EXPERTS IN SUKUKYIELD CURVESSources of Shari'ahSUKUK RATING METHODOLOGIESMoody'sREGULATING SUKUKPrefaceREGULATION AND SHARI'AH ISSUES IN THE CURRENT SUKUK MARKETVARIATION IN SCHOOLS OF THOUGHTCLASSIFICATION BASED ON PRACTICESSukuk Securities: Definitions, Classification, and Pricing IssuesSHARI'AH: THE BASIC FOUNDATIONS OF ISLAMIC FINANCE AND SUKUKMANFAAH (USUFRUCT)THE GRANGER CAUSALITY TEST FOR THE YIELDS OF SUKUK AND CONVENTIONAL RONDSCENTRAL BANK OF BAHRAINA Matter of Choice: Sukuk or Bond?ISTISNA (WORKING CAPITAL)QATAR CENTRAL BANKFixed-Promised Regular Payments and Promised Maturity PaymentChallenges and Future DevelopmentsTHE GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION OF SUKUK SECURITIESTHREE APPROACHES TO ISLAMIC FINANCETHE EFFECT OF GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION ON CONTRACT SPECIFICATIONSMARCGhararSUKUK TRADINGARE SUKUK AN ALTERNATIVE TO RONDS? FIXED-PROMISED REGULAR-PAYMENT SUKUKSamples of Sukuk IssuedTHE CASE AGAINST INTEREST-BASED DEBT WITH NO RISK SHAREDContract Design and the Structure of Sukuk Securities Yet IssuedISLAMIC FINANCIAL PRINCIPLESUNDETERMINED-PROMISED PAYMENT SUKUKWAKALAH (AGENCY)Information SymmetrySukuk Securitization as IPOMUQARASAH (TREE LEASING)POSSIBLE DEVELOPMENTS AND IMPLICATIONSSukuk Structures: A Pragmatic ApproachDEFINITIONS AND REGULATIONSDisclosureSukuk Securities and Conventional BondsTHE CURRENT SUKUK MARKETThe AAOIFI Resolution: An Idealistic ApproachContract Design and the Structure of Common Sukuk Securities Issued to DateWORLD MARKETS FOR CONVENTIONAL LOANSOne. The Foundation of Sukuk SecuritiesSpecial Purpose Company (SPC)Worldwide Sukuk MarketsTHE ORIGIN OF SUKUK STRUCTURESVALUATIONCONTEMPORARY SUKUK SECURITIESAbout the AuthorsSUKUK STRUCTURES: PRAGMATIC AND IDEALISTIC APPROACHESFUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLESLonger-Dated SukukSUKUK SIMPANAN RAKYAT (MALAYSIA)
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