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«Loan disbursement handbook»

Disbursement Percentage and Financing PercentageSuspending ReplenishmentDISBURSEMENT POLICIESBasic RequirementsTrade Finance Program Disbursement Procedures for Revolving Partial Credit GuaranteesController Loan AccountLoan CancellationSimplified Documentation under the Reimbursement ProcedureAuthorized SignatoryWithdrawal ApplicationReallocating Loan ProceedsLoan Proceeds and Disbursement ProceduresFINANCIAL INTERMEDIATION LOANSIneligible PaymentsCurrency of the Imprest AccountInquiriesBasic RequirementsStatement of Expenditures ProcedureChanges during Project ImplementationScope and ApplicabilityLoan DocumentsRequest for AdvancesAccelerating MaturityDescriptionDelay in Submission of Audited Project Financial StatementsAccepting the Commitment LetterLOAN AND GRANT FINANCIAL INFORMATION SERVICESConditions for Approval to Use the Statement of Expenditures ProcedureReview by ADB StaffDescriptionDISBURSEMENT PROCEDURESPurpose of the Policy-based LoanAudit ArrangementRefund of AdvanceTHE HANDBOOKReview by ADB StaffDescriptionBasic RequirementsBasic PrinciplesCurrency of PaymentUsing the Imprest AccountLimitation of ADB's CommitmentAudited Project Financial StatementsDescriptionApproval of the Statement of Expenditures ProcedureSupporting DocumentsMutually Exclusive Use of Simplified DocumentationPOLICY-BASED LOANSCapitalization of Interest, Commitment Charges, and Other Fees and ChargesDIRECT PAYMENT PROCEDUREDiscussion of Disbursement Procedures during Project PreparationLocation of the Imprest AccountRetention Period of Supporting DocumentsAmendments Requiring ADB's Prior ApprovalFinal Liquidation of Advances to the Imprest AccountDisallowances and NonpaymentsSupporting DocumentsForce Account Works ProcedureFINANCIAL INTERMEDIATION LOANS AND POLICY-BASED LOANSTrade Finance Program Disbursement Procedures for Revolving Credit FacilitiesFiduciary SafeguardSample Forms of Withdrawal ApplicationsStatement of Expenditures CeilingTypes of Cofinancing DisbursementREIMBURSEMENT PROCEDUREConditions for Approval to Use the Imprest Fund ProcedureIMPREST FUND PROCEDUREEligible and Ineligible ExpendituresDescriptionCOFINANCING OPERATIONSGeneral GuidelineFour Major TypesPayment InstructionsFollow-Up Action for Audit Findings of a Serious NatureCOMMITMENT PROCEDUREAudit ArrangementsIssuing the Commitment LetterLinking the Letter of Credit to the Commitment LetterInquiriesAmendments to the Letter of CreditBasic Requirements for DisbursementModes of Loan DisbursementCeiling of AdvancesDisbursement ProceduresDisbursement under Suspension of LoanFree LimitDisbursement ProceduresBasic RequirementsTHE ASIAN DEVELOPMENT BANKObjectivesFOREWORDAllocating Loan ProceedsSimplified DocumentationDisbursement Procedures and Suggested Types of PaymentLoan or Grant RegulationsPayment to Commercial BanksINSTRUCTIONS FOR DISBURSEMENTLoan Milestone Event DatesDefinitionsDisbursement LetterNarrative ProceduresApproval of ProcedureAudit ArrangementsDiscrepanciesSuspending Use of the Statement of Expenditures ProcedureLiquidation and ReplenishmentNarrative ProceduresDisbursement ProceduresSupporting DocumentsDescriptionDescriptionSuspending WithdrawalsDISBURSEMENT GUIDELINES AND PRACTICESRetroactive FinancingLoan Account ClosingConditions for Approval to Use the Force Account Works ProcedureUse of Sub-Account(s) under the Imprest AccountPRIVATE SECTOR (NONSOVEREIGN) OPERATIONSEstablishing the Imprest AccountDetails on the Certificates for Force Account WorksActions to be Taken by the Borrower
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