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Food for Africa: The Life and Work of a Scientist in GM Crops

From Sunday school teacher to scientistTo college at CambridgeSouth African PhDHarvard post-docThe debate beginsThe controversy is my solutionFrequent debatesThe recent Seralini sagaWriting on scienceThe SAGENE yearsA visit to BaselThe Ledeganck Street lab, GhentMy own laboratoryRestructuring the CSIRThe role of SAGENEFrom SAGENE to the GMO ActEstablishing proceduresGM tomatoesGM cottonFrom a committee to an ActBlocked by bureaucracySuccesses none the lessThe International Service for the Acquisition of Agribiotech ApplicationsAfricaBioInto AfricaPlaying in another fieldPariahs stick togetherThe potential of African studentsSouth African Women in Science and EngineeringLanding in KenyaThe University Science, Humanities and Engineering Partnerships in AfricaFlorence WambuguVenturing into NigeriaFears around DNA transferTo Davos and further into AfricaThe African Agricultural Technology FoundationIntellectual property and life formsHow the AATF worksIR maizeBt cowpeasBanana bacterial wiltThe farmers’ viewAddressing the UNL’Oreal/UNESCO awardThe ICGEB projectThe InterAcademy CouncilA South African National Biotechnology StrategyThe biotechnology innovation centresThe National Biotechnology Advisory CommitteeA calamitous developmentThe Bioeconomy StrategyAfrican National Biotechnology StrategiesThe maize streak virus storyHelp from abroadThe Claude Leon FoundationLearning the techniqueGetting the equipmentWild grassesPublicityDavid vs GoliathRockefeller to the rescueThe South African Maize TrustMonsanto, our GoliathFood for AfricaCan GM crops help feed the hungry in Africa?Environmental effectsInsect-resistant (Bt) cowpeaDisease-resistant bananasCassava resistant to cassava mosaic virus (CMV)Drought-tolerant maizeImproved rice varietiesStriga-resistant maizeVitamin-enhanced cropsSorghumIn the hands of the politiciansThe views of Africans themselvesBibliography
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