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In each chapter, we describe an event or situation that one of us experienced personally. We have tried to relate the events factually, at least as far as we could remember them. In order to protect the identities of those in-

Continuous Improvement Cycle

Figure 1.1 Continuous Improvement Cycle

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volved, we have not revealed the names of the locations or of the individuals. The key issues are 1) how the people involved handled the event and 2) the results or outcome of their effort. We have summarized our own learning from each situation. We also included underlying principles we feel are relevant: these are stated at the end of each chapter.

At the time of the events described in the book, we did not know many of the relevant underlying theories or philosophies. We picked up most of the concepts subsequently, sometimes many years later. Had we known them at the time, we may have found the solutions with less effort. For the benefit of readers who may need them, we have described the relevant theory or methodology in appendices.

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