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We completed all the selected projects within three years. When computing benefit-to-cost ratios, we measured or estimated the benefits over a 3- year period (thereafter, they would be influenced by other initiatives as well). The results are described below.

Factory Ventilation (HSE)

The air circulation fans were installed more or less on schedule. Some installations were late, caused by delivery delays from the vendor, but all the fans were in place within four months. Our departmental credibility went up a notch in the eyes of the workers.

Electricity Supply

There were budget overruns, as the transformers and circuit breakers cost nearly 30% over the estimate. This had to be offset by savings elsewhere. On the plus side, the value of production lost due to electricity supply problems went down by nearly 80%. The benefit-to-cost ratio was 5.5:1.

The power factor capacitor banks and their control systems were very effective. The reduction in electricity bills was better than estimated, and the benefit-to-cost ratio was 6:1.

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