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Dust and Fume Pollution

The ceramics departments used to be in a permanent dust haze before we installed the new cyclones and larger extractor fans. The haze cleared visibly and quickly, so the workers were happy. But there was an attractive spin-off as well. Most of the ceramic dust recovered from the cyclones could be reused, allowing a small production volume increase and cost savings. What started off as a welfare/health project gave a benefit-to-cost ratio of 2.5:1.

The new fume extraction hoods and fans in the plating department worked well from the beginning. The number of workers reporting sick dropped significantly, so we felt quite pleased with the results.

Security of Energy Supply to the Canteen

The solar water heater panel project produced dramatic results. The canteen people were relieved from the tension that prevailed earlier. They could go about their work calmly and with less anxiety. The savings in electrical energy paid for the project within eight months, which was a bonus.

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