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Technical Criteria

In the earlier designs of the factory buildings, north light trusses were used. At the time this project was being planned, structural and reinforcement steels were very expensive and in short supply in the country. As a result, the roof structure costs were over 30% of the total whereas the foundation costs were relatively low, because the site was on a solid granite formation. In the most recent design, the weight of the roof structure was about 6.8 lbs/square foot of roof area; in earlier designs, it was nearly 7.5 lbs/sq ft. We decided to inform the participants in the competition that we would expect to see a significant improvement in the structural design over the current performance.

We told them of our desire for large spans, cranes, and other items highlighted in the survey results.

Commercial Terms

We paid a nominal fee to the competitors to cover part of the costs of preparing their proposals. Under the terms of the competition, they had to assign the ownership of their designs to the company. The company could ask the winning competitor to incorporate features from other designs if that was considered useful.

The competitors were to advise us of their fee structure, which we would incorporate into the final contract to the winning competitor. We included a preliminary project schedule in the invitation to compete, which we asked them to accept on a best-effort basis.

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