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«Bitcoin for the befuddled»

Transaction Confirmations, Double Spending, and IrreversibilityA Brief Cryptography OverviewDecentralization in Bitcoin MiningIrreversible TransactionsDistributing New Currency with MiningAcknowledgmentsBITCOIN 2030Proof-of-Work in Bitcoin MiningSending the MoneyEnsuring the Money TransmissionVerifying the Validity of the Transaction HistoryCan Bitcoin Be Destroyed via Bugs or Hacks?Preventing Attacks with MiningStep 3: Installing GitBlockchain ForkingUsing Bitcoin for SavingsAbility to import private keysBitcoin Mining in 2030The Bitcoin WalletBuying Bitcoins the Easy WaySafety, Security, and ConvenienceWhat Are the Existential Risks to Bitcoin?Gotchas When Using Wallets in BitcoinJCreating a Starter Project for hello-moneyOnline Personal Wallet ServicesThe Best Programming Language for Connecting to the Bitcoin NetworkPublic Key CryptographyOnline Hosted Wallet ServicesEfficiency of storage useWhy Irreversible Transactions Are Arguably SuperiorAbility to inspect arbitrary Bitcoin addressesLimit OrdersCrowley and the Unfortunate Jelly-Filled Donut IncidentA Parable of Two GeneralsSpeediness of initial installation and network synchronizationStep 2: Installing MavenBitcoin's Early ImpactBlock header structureInitializing Our Java ObjectsBuying Bitcoins from a Currency ExchangeRunning bye-bye-moneyThe Energy Costs of BitcoinBuying Bitcoins the Fun and Futuristic WayOverall securityBitcoin Mining for ProfitHow Does Bitcoin Mining Work?Special Mention: The Bitcoin Hardware WalletTHE CRYPTOGRAPHY BEHIND BITCOINSpending Bitcoins with Your WalletStill Don't See a Buying Option That Works for You?Step 1: Setting Up an Account and Linking to Your Bank AccountBitcoin and Government StabilityStoring Small Amounts of BitcoinsReversible TransactionsOther Common (and Not So Common) Bitcoin Wallet FeaturesBitcoin and the Dangers of DeflationMining BitcoinsImporting a Private KeyWhat Role Might Bitcoin Play in the Future?Pseudocode for Elliptic Point Summation and Point MultiplicationWallet Software Design FundamentalsCan Bitcoin Be Destroyed by Governments or Corporations?Applying the Parable to BitcoinListening for New MoneyFor Mac HackersGeneral Security Notes on Bitcoin ProgrammingBitcoin Core vs. Bitcoind: Initializing the Connection with Bitcoin CoreThe Dangers of Decentralized Digital MoneyConnecting to the Bitcoin NetworkAnatomy of a BlockStep 2: Deciding on a Meeting PlaceBuying Bitcoins the Efficient WayThe Meaning of "Easy"The BlockchainAcquiring Bitcoins in Your WalletElliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA)The Private KeyBitcoin UnitsWriting the Code for hello-moneyInstalling node-bitcoinThe Future Potential of BitcoinEffect on overall health of Bitcoin networkThe Bitcoin AddressStep 4: Installing BitcoinJBitcoin and Illegal ActivityFull vs. Simplified Payment VerificationAuthentication FactorsHello Money!Special Mention: The Bitcoin Brain WalletWHY BITCOIN IS A BIG DEALStep 3: Linking Your Bank Account to CoinbaseThe Hassle of Converting Dollars (or Other Currencies) into BitcoinsInstalling Node.jsHELLO MONEY! A SIMPLE JAVASCRIPT PROGRAMA Face-to-Face Bitcoin Purchase Without EscrowSpeed of new paymentsStep 1: Installing JavaLimitations of Writing Bitcoin Programs That Use JSON-RPCA Brief History of Digital CurrenciesWays to Buy BitcoinsCryptographic Methods Used in BitcoinA Face-to-Face Bitcoin Purchase with EscrowMarket OrdersThe Security of Bitcoin's CryptographyMoving Around on a LineAdditional Wallet ConsiderationsUsing Bitcoin as a Medium of ExchangeWhat's in This Book?The Blockchain LotteryStep 3: Placing an Order to Buy BitcoinsWriting Your First Bitcoin Program in JavaScriptStep 2: Setting Up Two-Factor IdentificationBITCOIN BASICSThe Bitcoin Core JSON-RPC APIWhy Is Bitcoin Mining Needed?WHAT IS BITCOIN?Storing Large Amounts of BitcoinsOffline vs. Online Transaction SigningHot Storage vs. Cold StorageBITCOIN MININGPersonal vs. Hosted WalletsRunning and Testing the hello-money Java ProgramDigital SignaturesCryptographic Hash Functions Verify InformationCombining Reversible and Irreversible AssetsTheoretical Hash Rate LimitsRandom Key Generation vs. Deterministic Key Generation (vs. Single Key Generation)STORING YOUR BITCOINS SAFELY, SECURELY, AND CONVENIENTLYBye-Bye MoneyHow Bitcoin Works in Simple TermsSigning a Bitcoin Transaction Using ECDSAPREFACEDoes Bitcoin Have Advantages over Existing Currencies?Three Ways to Write Bitcoin SoftwareOffline Transaction SigningPreparing Your Machine for JavaScript Bitcoin ProgrammingSome Upbeat Notes on Bitcoin SecurityFragmented Private Keys and Multi-Signature AddressesBitcoin Addresses Generated by Your Bitcoin Wallet ProgramUsing Digital SignaturesStep 3: Handing Over the Money and Getting Your BitcoinsThe Bitcoin End GameProblems During Person-to-Person TransactionsThe Complexity and Confusion of BitcoinStoring Your Private Key(s)Why Not Just Mine Bitcoins?How Miners Solve a BlockBuying Bitcoins with CoinbaseInstalling Java, Maven, and the BitcoinJ LibraryOne-Way FunctionsThe Complexity of the Bitcoin SystemSatoshi SquareWhy Use JavaScript?For Linux FolksCryptographic Hash Functions: SHA256 and RIPEMD160Running the Hello Money! AppStep 4: Buying Bitcoins on CoinbaseHello Money! Balance: 20000 satoshisStep 5: Protecting Your Shiny New BitcoinsAuthorizing Transactions with Digital SignaturesBitcoin's First Four YearsStep 1: Registering at CoinbasePooled MiningThis Is It Called a Digital Signature?BITCOIN PROGRAMMING WITH BITCOINJ: The Main LoopA Day in the Life of a Bitcoiner in 2030Personal Hot WalletSecurity for new paymentsExtra Protection for Bitcoin Private KeysChoosing the Storage Method That's Right for YouLOST AT SEA. CRYPTOGRAPHIC ADVENTUREStep 2: Transferring US Dollars to Your Exchange AccountPaper WalletsBUYING BITCOINSWhat Will a Bitcoin Be Worth in 2030?Which Wallet Is Right for You?Declarations at the Top of the ProgramEncrypted Paper WalletsWhy Bitcoin Now?The Dawn of BitcoinStep 1: Finding Someone to Buy FromFuture WalletsAbout the AuthorsCan Bitcoin Be Supplanted by Another Cryptocurrency?UNDERSTANDING THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF BITCOIN WALLETSStarting Bitcoin CoreSecurity of confirmed paymentsWhy Bitcoin Needs CryptographyThe Benefits of Using Bitcoin
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