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Benchmarking Consultant's Methodology

As noted above, we had minimized the input effort for the in-house methodology. The benchmarking consultant, however, scrutinized in detail a much wider area of refinery performance. Each site had to make a significant input effort. This effort was made even greater because the consultant used terminologies and definitions that were different from those used in the regular company reports.

This benchmarking exercise was carried out every two years. Although we invited all refineries to participate, not all did. As explained, this was because of the cost and effort involved. However, enough did participate to enable us to rank company performance with those of peer competitors.

Recipe for Top Performance

By using data available from in-house returns and from benchmarking studies, it is possible to make comparisons/rankings of individual facility performances in a number of specific areas.

However, this number crunching can only take you so far. It does not tell how good performance is achieved. What do the top performers do that makes them different and more successful than their poorly-performing peers? Figure 8.4 shows where top performers differ from poor performers.

Figure 8.4

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