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Driving Improvements in Individual Locations

Benchmarking is about improving business performance, so there are more aspects to consider than simply measuring some readily available numbers. Essentially the steps needed are as follows:

  • • Identify the key business processes that you need to do well to bring success.
  • • Understand your business processes thoroughly.
  • • Measure your performance.
  • • Measure the performance of good-performing peers (making sure terminology and definitions are reasonably consistent).
  • • Understand the business processes that bring this good performance.
  • • Consider whether these practices will work in your own company.
  • • If so, manage a change process to make it happen.

A simplified overview of the benchmarking process is given in Figure 8.5.

Benchmarking Overview

Figure 8.5 Benchmarking Overview

Partnering Process

Conceptually we thought we knew how to bring top performance to a business. We wanted to start delivering this know-how to the refineries and start them off on an improvement track. What we didn't have was the essential detailed information carried by staff in each location. Obviously walking into a location with a "We know it all" attitude would not work. Some partnering arrangement was vital to complete the picture and provide synergy. Conceptually this is shown in Figure 8.6.

70 Chapter 8

Partnering Overview

Figure 8.6 Partnering Overview

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